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Aquariums in Medical and Dental Offices? Stress Reliever

Aquariums in Medical and Dental Offices? Stress Reliever.

Visiting a doctor or dentist conjures up mixed feelings for most people. From butterflies in the stomach to outright fright, patients can actually make an appointment worse with just mental worry. Some medical facilities, such as San Antonio clinics, want to help their patients naturally with a stress-reliever. The basic freshwater aquarium offers calming effects to keep patients relaxed and ready for their appointment.

Aquariums and Calm Feelings

A simple freshwater aquarium has several components generating a calming effect. All aquariums need a filtration system, providing white noise as a low hum. The water itself has a trickling sound as it moves through the system as well. It's the fish, however, that provide most of the stress relief. Their swimming action and harmonic movements allow patients to focus on them instead of their medical worries.

Blood Pressure Benefit

High blood pressure is an issue for millions of people, contributing to cardiovascular disease across the nation. Some people may not even know they have this ailment. A freshwater aquarium has actually been used in scientific studies to show a measurable drop in blood pressure. This major benefit calms people from a physiological standpoint and improves their overall health, from a reduced heart rate to better circulation.

Reduced Pain Reliever Use

There has been reports of medical professionals being able to use less pain relievers for certain in-office procedures when patients watch fish in aquariums the waiting room. Patients often say their pain levels are relatively moderate before a procedure, requiring less anesthesia. This fact is much better for the patient's health because excessive anesthesia leads to unwanted side effects.

Keep the Fish Healthy

The presence of fish is paramount for this calming sensation to work. Simply watching a watery environment doesn't have the same effect as seeing actual fish swim around. Some research shows fish videos provide some stress relief. Medical professionals should put their aquarium first on the priority list by using a reputable company for care and maintenance. With healthy fish come healthier patients. Any practice benefits from this natural wonder.

Doctors understand there's a strong connection between mind and body, making stress relief a key player in successful ailment treatment. Patients with aquariums in their waiting room may look forward to the visit without realizing why. Associating a calm feeling to a medical office is desirable for both the professionals and patients.

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