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Saltwater Aquariums

Saltwater Aquariums

Endlessly fascinating patterns of color and motion await the discerning sea life enthusiast who invests in a custom-designed saltwater aquarium. Exotic species dart among living plants in a natural ballet, delighting all who view them. The best saltwater aquariums achieve their effects in a seemingly effortless way. Yet these instant, relaxing focal points are best made through consultation with a professional, and not by trial and error.

Designed to Enhance the Space

From built-in aquariums that cover a wall to freestanding tanks in the center of a room, materials and design must be proportioned to fit their surrounding architecture. Proper support for the weight and size of the tank is another important consideration. Saltwater aquariums can dominate a room with dramatic effect without overwhelming the space or the people passing through. An experienced professional will ensure the tank is properly constructed and supported, leaving the owner to worry-free enjoyment.

A Balanced Environment

Saltwater aquariums are a delicately-balanced marine ecosystem. The proper balance of nutrients and light must be available for plants and corals to thrive. Corals in turn provide nutrients for the fish. The correct stocking of the aquarium prevents nitrates and phosphates passed by the fish from damaging the coral. Pumping and filtration must be installed to ensure the right balance of aeration and water circulation. An aquarium specialist knows the correct way to balance these factors, keeping the environment healthy and the water clean.

Healthy, Compatible Specimens

All saltwater fish are predators to some degree, and can become aggressive and territorial if overcrowded. Some species, such as moray eels, sharks and lion fish are hunters and should be tanked separately, unless hunting behavior is desired. Comparatively sedate species that mate and pair off will attack a newly fish of the same gender. Even certain saltwater invertebrates, such as the colorful sea anemone, will trap and digest small fish. An expert can design a saltwater aquarium with enough space for many species to get along without creating havoc. The price of a healthy specimen makes this consideration worthwhile.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Even the smallest of saltwater aquariums requires regular maintenance. Once an owner is acquainted with the basics of feeding, stocking and caring for the fish and their environment, ongoing checks of filtration, water quality, lighting and awareness of possible diseases lurking in the tank are necessary.

Saltwater aquariums can be a stunning addition to a home, office, lobby or restaurant. Their exotic atmosphere and the soothing energy they provide is more than worth the investment made in proper design, construction and maintenance.

Give us a call at 210.444.2782 to discuss your fine custom Saltwater Aquariums And Cabinetry today.

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