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What Are The Maintenance Requirements Of A Custom Aquarium?

Custom Aquarium

A custom aquarium is a joy and when set up properly a real object of beauty in a room. However, it does need some work to remain both beautiful and healthful for the creatures that live in it. Maintenance requirements shouldn’t be too onerous once the aquarium is up and running.

All About the Water in a Custom Aquarium

Basically, maintenance of both a custom aquarium and fresh water aquariums depends on the quality of the water. The water needs to be kept clean and crystal clear. It needs to be the right temperature, have the right mineral content and receive the right amount of light for the type of plants and animals kept in the aquarium.

Filters are the first line of defense in keeping the water clean. A person with a custom aquarium needs to buy a filter that’s the right size and type for their aquarium. The filter can be placed inside the aquarium if the aquarium is small. Another type of filter is installed under the gravel at the bottom of the tank. This kind of filters isn’t as effective as the others and is best used with another type of filter. The third type of aquarium filter hangs on the tank and performs well for both small and large aquariums. The canister type filter is also installed outside the tank. This type of filter is more expensive than the others but is more efficient.

These filters need to be cleaned periodically and kept clear of debris. If the filter is disposable, it needs to be changed monthly. A reusable filter needs to be washed in water from the aquarium. Even the small amounts of chlorine in kitchen tap water can kill the helpful bacteria in some filters.

The outside glass of the aquarium will need to be cleaned with a vinegar and water solution and clean white towels. The cleaner should be sprayed onto the towels to minimize any risk of it being sprayed into the tank. Light bulbs should also be replaced every year.

Fish should only be fed twice a day and any food the fish don't eat should be removed from the water immediately. Skimmers and vacuums also help pick up debris.

About 20 percent of the tank water should be replaced every two weeks or so both in marine and fresh water aquariums. The pH and mineral content of the water need to be checked regularly and adjusted if need be. Unlike fresh water aquariums, the salinity of marine aquariums will also need to be checked and adjusted.

For more information about maintaining a custom aquarium, get in touch with Aquatic Interiors of San Antonio.

Give us a call at 210.444.2782 for more information on a Custom Aquarium today or visit our website at
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