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A Guide to Designing, Displaying, and Maintaining Custom Aquariums

Custom Aquariums, Designing, Displaying, and Maintaining

Custom aquariums are a great way to bring some new life into an old room; especially, if you live in a dry area like San Antonio. Freshwater aquariums add movement and vibrancy to your decorating scheme, and may also serve as a light source. If you are planning on adding a custom aquarium to one of your home's spaces, consider these factors to get started.

Designing and Displaying Your Custom Aquariums

First, consider the space you will be working with. Will you need to alter any of the walls or floors nearby to provide a good place for your custom aquarium? How large of a tank are you planning on installing? Will you be removing part of the wall to install a through-and-through aquarium? Consulting with a professional can help you decide what to build, and acquire the materials you will need to build it.

If your aquarium will be placed against a wall, start with larger design elements like sculpture pieces and larger plants toward the back of the aquarium to serve as a backdrop. Smaller pieces like ornamental stones should come forward to be more visible. Make sure that you have accounted for the needs of your fish as well. Will the species you have selected require a certain type or level of light, or are particular plants or types of shelter especially suited to them? Ask an expert if you are not sure.

Maintaining Your Custom Aquariums

Custom aquariums will need regular maintenance like any animal enclosure, so be sure that you have also installed a way to keep it clean and regulated. Most tanks require a water filter to keep the water clean, and larger tanks will also require dechlorinators and ammonia removers since the water's chemical balance can shift over time. Equipment like this will keep residents of your freshwater aquariums happy and healthy.

If you are planning on incorporating live plants into your freshwater aquariums, they will need regular care, too. Depending on which species you choose, they may need to be fed occasionally or it may be best to have water conditioners added to the tank.

You will also need to keep an eye on your tank's walls, lights, and filters and watch for ordinary wear and tear. A regular, monthly check-up on any moving or powered parts can keep you from getting unexpected and expensive surprises later if an essential part of your system breaks down. Regular maintenance will also protect your custom aquarium's residents, keeping you well informed in advance if something goes wrong.

Remember, custom aquariums are much more than living paintings! You are building a small ecosystem right inside your home, but with a little care and attention, it will keep your home vibrant for years to come.

For more information about Custom Aquariums in San Antonio and good tips to use when maintaining an aquarium visit our other blog posts.
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