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Press Release: San Antonio Custom Aquarium Firm Launches Brand New Website

Since January 2003, San Antonio custom aquariums have been designed and installed by Jeff and Pamela Sebern at Aquatic Interiors Unlimited. Their passionate and creative attention to design and detail is hard to put into words. Since the demand for custom freshwater & saltwater aquariums for both commercial and residential setting's are in demand, they want to offer examples of their work on their brand new interactive website portfolio.

Separate website tabs have been created to display their freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums. When you look closely you will see that these tanks have been architecturally designed to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. You will also notice that these tanks, the materials that make the stands, and the way they have been installed, were designed to accommodate the surroundings of the rooms they are placed in. This is the trademark of all Aquatic Interiors Unlimited projects.

If you head over to the "news/endorsements" tab you will find updated information pertaining to San Antonio custom aquariums. Video testimonials from actual Aquatic Interior's clients are ready to be viewed at the click of a button. Informative tips on owning saltwater & freshwater aquariums are available to read & watch (video) 24 hours a day. So make sure you subscribe to the the sites RSS feed to be notified of more valuable updates.

If you click on the "service" tab of the website you will see a list of aquarium maintenance services that will take care of the customer long after the custom aquarium installation has been completed. With their service program, you never need to worry about your fish when you're on vacation, if they become ill, and just having the tank maintained and cleaned so as to not interrupt your busy schedule. This can be a part time job for most people, so don't underestimate this.

Since Pamela & Jeff Sebern want everyone to be a more informed consumer, they are offering a "consumers buyer's guide" absolutely FREE. Since owning a San Antonio Custom aquarium can be a big investment, they don't want you to make purchasing mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars. To keep that from happening to you, go to the homepage and enter your contact information in the form and you will be immediately emailed this valuable report at no obligation.

Aquatic Interiors is one of the only companies that offers it's very own on-site aquarium studio. Visits to their studio are by appointment only as they are adding more beautiful aquariums as we speak. Right now they are cycling a 215 gallon freshwater aquarium that will hold African Cichlids and a 215 gallon marine aquarium. They will be plumbing a 300 gallon reef aquarium in our showroom next week. Fish will be introduced into the two 215 gallon aquariums in a couple of weeks.

Give Pamela & Jeff Sebern a ring to see some of their magnificent works of art in person @210.444.2782.

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