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Aquatic Interiors Unlimited ~ Trusted Aquarium Service In San Antonio

Let's say you have your custom aquarium installed and all the time and money spent putting in this beauty is now going to be enjoyed, right?


To be honest, your work has just begun if you plan on doing the aquarium maintenance and fish selection yourself. Most new fish tank owners that hire a company to design and install custom aquariums make the mistake of selecting their own fish and trying to maintain their aquarium without professional consultation. The costs associated with making the wrong decisions in regards to fish selection and maintenance are high.

There are many pitfalls when choosing the wrong fish for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium. There are many fish species that cannot co-exist in the same fish tank. Bullying between fish is very common and can lead to some of your fish being killed or injured. There are many species of fish that can spread disease amongst each other and cause dead loss in your beautiful living ecosystem. It really takes a professional to decide which freshwater & saltwater fish, live plants, corals, and invertebrates can co exist together.

Here is a brief video summary of how a professional aquarium service in San Antonio is worth every penny

Aquarium Service In San Antonio

If you have a lot of time on your hands then you may be able to handle the cleaning of your marine fish tank. But let me tell you there is a lot more involved in regular aquarium service than you might be aware of. Keep in mind that you have just invested a reasonable amount of money in your pet's environment. This is a delicate ecosystem that must remain in perfect balance or you will suffer loss of life and a contaminated custom aquarium ecosystem.

A professional technician knows how to treat a sick fish properly and when to make an intervention. This takes an experienced professional that has been doing aquarium maintenance in San Antonio for some time. It is better to snuff out a problem like this early versus later.

Don't you want to have the piece of mind knowing that while you are on vacation, any problem with your custom aquarium will be handled with the best results possible. There is nothing more heart breaking than coming home from a great vacation to see all your beautiful fish floating upside down because of a lack of maintenance or faulty equipment.

Be sure to grab our FREE buyer's guide by entering in your contact information in the box on our website and please connect with us on Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to call one of our experts with any questions you may have at 210.444.2782.

Your San Antonio aquarium service authority,

Jeff & Pamela Sebern

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