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San Antonio Custom Aquarium Design, Installation, Maintenance Versus The Local Fish Shop

When considering the investment of a custom aquarium there are many avenues to seek for assistance and products. For most people not in touch with the internet this journey starts at that local fish shop or big box corporate pet store. Wouldn't it make more sense to consider seeking a company that employs properly educated professional aquarists that come into touch with thousands of San Antonio custom aquariums a year? Guys that practice their trade on the front line daily troubleshooting some of the most complex custom aquarium problems.

So why not just go to the small “mom n pop” fish shop?

Well, the are several reasons. First, these shops cater to the hobbyist. Now we are not saying that this is a bad thing at all; heck all of our team members at Aquatic Interiors Unlimited were once frustrated hobbyists ourselves. Then there comes the day when the hobbyist decides to either quit the hobby all together or upgrade his hobbyist toys in for professional equipment! Having the right equipment will save you hundreds of dollars in the long-run because you will not be wasting money on “disposable” fish due to inferior equipment that is meant to be monitored and tweaked daily.

As a San Antonio custom aquarium company, we not only properly install an aquarium for first time owners, we also help hobbyist upgrade their current systems. Upgrades can range from simply changing out the decorations to refresh an outdated or neglected aquascape, to complete filtration overhauls or even a larger custom aquarium system.

Most of our customers decide to continue our relationship by having our aquarists regularly maintain their investment or contact us for onsite professional consulting.

Whether you are new to the world of custom aquariums or are ready to take your hobby to the next level, Aquatic-Interiors Unlimited can guide you down the right path. Give us a ring at 210.444.2782 and also grab out free buyer's guide by entering in your contact information in the box on this site. We will email you the buyer's guide with no questions asked.

Enjoy your pets,

Jeffrey Shane Sebern, President Aquatic Interiors Unlimited LLC. "South Texas' Source for Fine Custom Aquariums." San Antonio Custom Aquarium Design, Installation, Maintenance.

905 Isom Rd. San Antonio, Texas, 78216 210-444-(AQUA) 2782

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