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Landscaping With San Antonio Fresh Water Aquarium Plants

Most amateur aquarists that set themselves up via the local fish store can have some success with San Antonio fresh water plants & landscaping. However, it takes years of experience to balance out the natural and artificial composition of materials to create the ultimate landscape in your tank.

When it comes to making everything flow in a symbiotic relationship, that's when the aquarists at Aquatic Interiors Unlimited set themselves apart from the rest. Most average fresh water aquariums and saltwater aquarium owners have no concept of the types of natural gravel, bigger river stones, natural driftwood, colorful natural and artificial plants, and what fish to put with it all. If you make the wrong choices the overall health of your tank could be compromised.

Listen to professional aquarist, Pamela Sebern, talk about some of the San Antonio freshwater aquarium plants and landscaping in this 200 gallon tank.

As you can see, it is the proper balance of natural and artificial material, including the fish, that will give any freshwater or saltwater aquarium the "WOW" factor.

Give Aquatic Interiors a call to discuss an upgrade for your old tank or the plans of your new "dream aquarium" at 210.444.2782.

Your San Antonio Custom Aquarium Authority,

Aquatic Interiors Unlimited

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