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Aquarium builders design and create unique aquariums

There is nothing better than having something unique or custom built to enhance a home. An aquarium is a great addition to any home or facility. There are many different reasons an aquarium should only be installed by professional aquarium contractors or aquarium builders.

Professional Installation

Installation is an important aspect of becoming a proud owner of a custom-built aquarium. When professional aquarium contractors are ready to build your aquarium, they will perform the necessary tasks to ensure the correct materials and proper steps are followed to make sure the aquarium is safe and looks its best.


As far as maintenance is concerned aquarium builders will create the aquarium with minor and complex maintenance issues in mind. When the maintenance is done properly, aquarium owners can have peace of mind knowing their aquarium is safe and secure.

Professional Services

Aquarium builders and aquarium contractors provide various services to ensure the health of the fish and the aquarium itself. Saltwater and freshwater aquariums require regular maintenance. Aquarium builders and aquarium contractors make sure the lighting of the tank is perfect, the temperature is correct and the proper equipment is used.

Aquarium Setup

Aquarium setup is more complicated than many people realize. Proper setup of a fish tank requires more than water and a few fish. A custom tank involves a unique, professional design, along with high quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment.

Essential Aquarium Care and Maintenance Tips

Many people make the mistake of over-feeding their aquatic pets. Fish should be fed in small quantities. A lot of people over-feed fish because they look hungry. Fish should only be fed twice per day.

Aquarium water should be changed regularly, about once every one to two weeks. Changing the water is detrimental to the health of the tank and the fish. Change the tank water 1/3 of the tank at one time.

Sponges and other items that may be placed in the tank to create an underwater theme or scene must be cleaned. Tank scenery must be cleaned in tank water and not tap water. When tank items are cleaned in tap water, bacteria that is beneficial to the tank is killed.

When new fish are purchased for a tank, they need to be quarantined before they are put in population with other fish who currently occupy the tank. Quarantining the fish prevent shock to a new environment for the fish.

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