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Aquarium Maintenance Specialist (Aquarist) Wanted In San Antonio...

Aquarium Maintenance Specialist (Aquarist) Overview For San Antonio Job Position

This is a great job for anyone who enjoys working with aquariums, their inhabitants and their owners (our


This position consists of a variety of jobs including cleaning aquariums, maintaining, installing and repairing aquarium

equipment and taking care of aquatic life.

We provide training, all equipment, paid time off and employee discounts.

Primary Job Duties Include:

1. Cleaning and maintenance of aquariums in both residential and commercial settings

2. Identifying and treating fish disease

3. Identifying problems or potential problems with aquariums and taking the necessary steps to resolve

those issues.

4. Applying preventive measures to maintain healthy aquatic environments

5. Installation, maintenance and repair of aquariums and aquarium components (lights, skimmers, pumps,


6. Moving aquariums

7. Water testing

8. Delivery of fish and fish products to customers.

9. Recording daily activities, including detailed time logs and product delivery.

10. Other tasks as assigned

Minimal Job Requirements:

1. Knowledge of aquarium systems (salt water, fresh water and reef tanks) and their components

2. Knowledge of aquarium environments and their chemical and biological structures

3. Professional or personal experience with aquarium maintenance

4. Good driving record-(subject to approval by Aquatic Interiors Unlimited Insurance Provider)

5. Ability to lift repetitively a minimum of (80#)-(2) 5-gallon buckets of water simultaneously

6. Good oral communication and customer service skills

7. Must enjoy working with people, be self motivated and organized. Employee must provide own reliable transportation

8. Must be responsible and able to work independently

Aquarium Maintenance Specialist (Aquarist) Overview For San Antonio Job Position


A condition of hire requires signing a non-compete/non-disclosure contract.

Position consists of a combination of Aquarium Maintenance related tasks and Other Tasks

Job may require trips to various markets outside of the employee’s assigned area

Position requires employee to be available for work outside of scheduled hours on an ‘on call’ basis as

determined by management

Applicant will be required to provide a copy of valid driver’s license, current copy of driving record, current

registration, and proof of insurance.**

Please email your resume to as the job position will be filled soon.

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