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Aquariums. DIY or Professional Maintenance?

Aquariums. DIY or Professional Maintenance?

After a custom aquarium design professional installs a tank, residents may contemplate caring for their fish and water themselves. Although part of raising a fish family is caring for them each day, aquariums and their maintenance should be reserved for professionals. From fish health to structural issues, a professional can find and prevent major problems from occurring compared to a novice caregiver.

An Eye for Aquariums

Even the smallest tank problem can turn into a major issue if missed by a novice caregiver. A custom aquarium design professional can take a thorough look at a tank and find hairline cracks along the glass, for instance. Professionals can verify if the tank's weight is damaging the home's flooring too. Small details can easily be overlooked when a novice is not aware of the complexities of aquariums. Even cracks along a filter or tube can generate a poor water environment, reducing fish lifespans significantly.

Water Chemistry Considerations

Aquarium water chemistry is a complex environment which changes on a daily basis. Fish are constantly adding their waste to the water, along with any leftover food lining the tank's base. As all these materials decay, the pH and other water factors change. The water can actually become toxic even if the filter is operating properly. Professionals can alter the water's chemistry using specialized chemicals, creating a calm habitat for the fish. Residents will notice fish gills breathing deeply and smoothly with a balanced water environment. Rapid gill movements indicate poor conditions that professionals must alter immediately.

Cleanliness Equals Healthy Fish

Breathing patterns of fish are obvious indicators of stress, but other visual issues could persist also. Tanks that aren't cleaned professionally could develop bacteria and algae. Fish may actually have films growing on their scales, making them have a fuzzy appearance. If residents notice any film on rocks, glass or fish, contact a professional. They must completely clean out the tank and properly treat the fish. These films grow in thickness, causing more stress to fish. Neglected tanks end up becoming murky habitats, reducing fish lifespans. Regardless if the tank is fresh or saltwater, it should always be clear to the naked eye.

Residents should find a trusted San Antonio custom aquarium design team through online reviews or word-of-mouth. Reputable fish caregivers can extend the life of these pets, giving residents years of relaxing aquarium viewing. Aquariums should be stress-relievers, not sources of concern with non-professional care.

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