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Aquariums Done the Right Way

Aquariums Done the Right Way.

San Antonio residents may be looking for a more interesting way to display a favorite fish species. Creating a handmade fish bowl with items plucked from a pet store is endearing, but more complex aquariums are bold habitats meant for professional installation. Create an indoor water feature with the help of a custom aquarium contractor.

Aquariums Designed Perfectly

An aquarium doesn't have to be a rectangular tank perched on a table. A custom aquarium contractor devises ingenious ways to display fish in almost any household. While standalone water features are still popular, tanks built into walls and corners are more common. The design incorporates style, but also holds the water weight safely. Large tanks, in particular, can weigh several hundred pounds and require specific supports.

Sorting out Fish Species

From lakes to oceans, water creatures are highly evolved and require specific conditions to thrive well. An aquarium designer works with clients to choose between freshwater and saltwater fish. The client can offer suggestions of favorite species, but they must all live harmoniously in the tank. Designers work with clients to find the right mixture of fish to please everyone's desires.

Maintenance is Ongoing

Designers will cover maintenance concerns with the client, especially if the tank is saltwater. Because of the high salt content, saltwater aquariums must be cleaned and adjusted for proper salt levels constantly. Clients who are unaware of the strict specifications may want to opt for a freshwater tank. Although there are still maintenance concerns, freshwater tanks are slightly easier to care for. Designers can even suggest reputable fish caregivers to help the client transition between a new installation and basic maintenance.

Extend Fish Life Expectancies

Aquarium designers are aware of fish habits, giving them an insight into quality of life at the tank level. Designers could suggest certain tank decorations to stimulate the fish, such as a tunnel. Other fish species may become stressed at times, requiring a hiding space within strategically located plant life. Clients will find their fish are happier in an environment that mimics real life. Fish life expectancy may rise as they are less stressed each day.

A custom aquarium contractor consults with clients about their favorite fish and possible design choices. At project's end, it's the clients’ desires that should be achieved for years of fascinating views into the underwater world. Aquariums soothe the mind and create focal points for visitors each day.

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