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Choosing a Location for a Custom Aquarium Design

Choosing a Location for a Custom Aquarium Design.

When San Antonio residents contemplate aquariums for their household, there are many factors to consider when the tank is larger than the average goldfish bowl. From physical weight to basic shape, choosing the location of a custom aquarium design is best solved with professional tank designers by the homeowner's side.

Creating an Interior Aesthetic

Homeowners must start with a vision for their tank installation. Aquariums aren't meant to be hidden in a corner. They should shine as focal points, such as complete island installations or a wall display. Discuss tank location options with a professional. They often have an interior design background to help homeowners decorate their home with aquarium pizzazz. Professionals may suggest tanks in a living room or sitting area, for example. Unusual locations may also be possible, including a formal dining room. Simply offer some background on the household's interests and habits to help the professional with their tank design.

Custom Aquarium Design and Physical Weight

A major reason why professionals must be involved with aquariums and their location is weight. The tanks themselves can be hundreds of pounds. When water is added, the weight increases dramatically. A custom aquarium design requires a professional to survey the home's floor plan and weigh both aesthetics and functional aquarium aspects. They'll verify a homeowner's desired tank size and where it's feasible to locate it. A desired area in the living room, for example, may not be possible because of floor stability issues. Most tanks should be located on a first floor to take advantage of concrete foundations. Second floor aquariums are often not possible if the tank is relatively large.

Easy Access Points

Tank locations are also based on easy accessibility. Almost all tank sides must be accessible to aquarium maintenance personnel. They need to inspect the glass periodically and service the water and fish. If the tank is lodged in a difficult corner, the fish may not be cared for properly. Residents could have foggy and foul water between inspection periods, causing stress on the fish. Pets could even have a shorter lifespan if tanks don't have easy access points. Residents should follow the designer's location suggestions for a long-lasting watery habitat.

Improper tank installations result in possible household damage, including flooding and structural instability. Custom aquarium design gives homeowners confidence in their watery display. A professionally installed tank only adds value to a home and makes it a unique extension of everyone's personality.

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