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Create a lively atmosphere with a custom aquarium

Create a lively atmosphere with a custom aquarium

People can't help themselves when they see an aquarium; they simply smile in response. A custom aquarium is designed to evoke feelings in people as they walk into a room. The tank might be a dramatic piece with dark colors and black fish, for example. In most cases, fish enthusiasts want to create a lively atmosphere with their tank. Consider a few of the key steps that lead to a lively aquarium habitat for a home or business.

Select Colorful Fish

The ocean may not be near a San Antonio home or business, but a custom aquarium can make this body of water a reality on a smaller scale. To truly liven up a tank, select colorful fish. Visit a pet store with a dedicated aquarium area. Take a look at all of the fish species available for either a fresh or saltwater habitat. Write down these favorite species and plan their welcome into the tank when it's ready.

Accent with Plant Life

As fish enthusiasts narrow down their species selections, pinpointing the right plant life is an important tank component too. Underwater plants can be leafy, fuzzy or practically bamboo shapes. The green color offered by the plants is the draw for a lively aquarium. Use plants generously along the tank's edges and pick a green centerpiece too.

Proper Lighting is a Must

Those colorful fish and plants won't be very lively if the lighting is too dark. Add lights to the tank's cover. There are several light types to choose from at the aquarium store. Bright, glowing or variable-colored lights are available for your tank creation. Simply purchase lights that are designed for a tank environment so that the habitat remains at a comfortable temperature.

Rock Highlights in the Custom Aquarium

Cover the tank's base with pebbles of any color. Multi-colored pebbles are available, or enthusiasts may want one color to accent the design. Between tank accents and custom aquarium stands, tank accessories are numerous. Take some time to choose the right materials for that lively atmosphere.

Custom aquarium stands contribute greatly to a lively atmosphere. Avoid those basic, black stands, and look for custom aquarium stands with personality. Varying stand designs, colors and materials can be matched with the tank itself and complete the overall visual effect. In the end, it's the culmination of every tank aspect that will make heads turn as people enter the room.

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