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Custom Aquarium Stands - The Total Package

Custom Aquarium Stands - The Total Package

Usually, when people first consider owning an aquarium, they will choose a basic freshwater setup. This commonly consists of a small glass aquarium, a basic power filter and a lighted plastic hood. Some people lose interest at this point, but others become more intrigued by the idea of keeping rare and exotic fish. A brave few may even begin keeping saltwater species. At this point, the run-of-the-mill pet store aquariums can become an issue and fish keepers may want to consider a custom designed aquarium package.

Custom Aquarium Stands Functionality

When browsing through the selection at a local pet store, customers may realize that available aquarium designs are rather limited. This is not only in shape, which is almost exclusively rectangular in most shops, but also in size. Most big box pet stores have aisles of small ten to thirty gallon tanks and a few options up to 75, but when looking for an aquarium over 100 gallons, choices are generally nonexistent. A custom aquarium company can provide aquarium designs of any feasible shape and size, which becomes very important when deciding to keep larger schools or getting into reef tanks. Custom aquarium stands add functionality by not only being custom fit to hold the aquarium, but also in being designed to house larger canister filtration systems.

Quality Custom Aquarium Stands

One of the most important pieces of information to remember when buying an aquarium is the tanks and stands sold at pet stores are mass produced for the competitively priced hobby market. These aquariums are made with lesser-quality materials that turn a profit for both stores and manufacturers. Custom aquariums may be slightly more expensive, but the investment is definitely worth it when considering the quality and craftsmanship that go into them. Flaws in mass produced aquarium designs are generally seen when keeping saltwater. These mass produced aquariums use glass, acrylics and adhesives that can handle freshwater, but may not necessarily be graded for the higher density, weight and pressure of saltwater, which can leave their owners with major headaches and a tremendous mess on their hands. Custom aquariums and custom aquarium stands are designed and built by experts that understand the science behind their craft and diligently adhere to the requirements of the intended ecosystem. Custom aquarium stands are built by skilled cabinetmakers and give the consumer the option to select the color and type of wood, and the sheen of the finish. If you are considering a custom aquarium for your home in the San Antonio area, call us today at 210.444.2782.

For more information about custom aquariums and custom aquarium stands in San Antonio review additional articles on our blog page.
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