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Do Fresh Water Aquariums Limit Design Options?

Do Fresh Water Aquariums Limit Design Options?

For most beginning fish enthusiasts, fresh water aquariums are the first choice for their home or office. These tanks can be designed and filled with nearly any plant and animal life possible, so they remain as popular additions to any living space. Fish enthusiasts may be concerned about limited design options plaguing these aquariums, but fresh water habitats actually allow for more personalized choices over the years.

Filtration and Fresh Water Aquariums

Any custom aquarium contractor will tell their clients that tank filtration is much more difficult when saltwater is involved. Several filters must be used for saltwater environments because of the salinity factor. However, fresh water tanks usually require just one filter. Biological matter must be filtered from the water to improve its quality and reduce stress to the fish. Overall, fresh water tanks are less expensive to filter than comparable saltwater environments.

Lighting Options are Endless

A common decor choice for a saltwater tank is coral. This unique organism choice actually limits the design because light must be available for the coral to grow successfully. A custom aquarium contractor doesn't have to worry about lighting for fresh water habitats because the inhabitants don't rely on it for feeding purposes. As a result, fresh water tanks have endless lighting options for superior design expression.

Too Salty?

Fresh water aquariums require professionals to monitor the water's pH and other critical components. In contrast, saltwater tanks must have even more maintenance to control the environment's salinity. Because salt levels must be of a particular value within the tank, a fresh water environment is actually more versatile when it comes to design options.

Go Big or Small

Fresh water tanks don't require specialized aquariums to hold salty water, so design choices are vast for these habitats. Fish enthusiasts can choose almost any size tank, from a small, desktop style to a huge wall configuration. Fresh water tanks tend to be less expensive than saltwater designs too. Consumers have more choices for their tank design, and they're only limited by their imagination and budget. A professional can guide their design choices to finalize a perfect fish habitat.

Ideally, consumers should contact a trusted custom aquarium contractor before investing in a tank. These professionals can discuss all of the tank's details before it's installed within the home. With the right installation style, fish enthusiasts can enjoy their fresh water aquariums for years to come.

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