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Fine Custom Aquarium And Cabinetry - The LED Light Technology

The LED Light Technology - Fine Custom Aquarium And Cabinetry

Being an industry authority in aquarium technology and design, Aquatic Interiors Unlimited is one of the most experienced in the Texas area. If you want the best professional service in quality custom aquariums, you need people like Jeff and Pamela Sebern in your corner. These business owners know the importance of being on top of the latest technology and this will benefit everyone of their customers.

Enjoy The LED Light Technology Video

Fine Custom Aquarium And Cabinetry - The LED Light Technology

The information below is direct response Jeff Sebern had with a big tank manufacturer on why he does not use glass tops on reef aquariums. If you are a real technical person and like details, keep reading and watch the video from one of Aquatic Interior's installs.


Thanks for your nice comments Jeff. No we did not need to modify the PVC top for the Sea-Swirl. Although, it would be nice to extend the area in the middle just under the Sea-Swirl out a bit to allow the Sea-Swirl's rotating shaft to penetrate through the PVC so we could support the device without the bracket that sits in the water.

Aquatic Interiors:

The only modifications I made were to the overflow box. Next time I will go with larger 2" bulk heads for the the drains in order to flood the suction ends of the pump since we needed to valve down the Dart pump to 3/4 of it's power. I also added a few clear Acrylic pieces(see attached) in order to support the 1/4" clear screen net tops that we hand fabricate here.

The reasoning behind not using the glass tops is threefold: First, the screen tops keep the fish (wrasses, darts,reef fish etc.) in the aquarium. Secondly, the glass tops inhibit light penetration, which are needed for photosynthetic corals, as photosynthesis is halted by the absence of light. I know some might say, "Wait up. Shouldn't you need the glass to protect the corals and fish from UV burns?" I would agree...maybe five years ago; however, there are very few metal halide lights still on the market that don't shield UV. Besides that...aquarium industry speaking... metal halides are on the endangered list. Everything we (professionals) are recommending and doing light-wise now revolves around the proven results and energy savings of using LEDs.

Okay, back to the glass tops. The glass tops are very effective in controlling evaporation and heat. The trapped gas and water that accumulates to form condensation which in turn leaves hard water stains, salt creep, and green algae etc. Lastly, the screen allows the aquarium to exhaust or off-gas Co2 and temperature . Think- (ocean acidification.)

The off-gassing for most aquarium systems (except possibly planted tanks due to plants use of Co2) is very important because the build up of trapped Co2 gas readily dissolves into water where it becomes carbonic acid; the aqueous solution of Co2. When the concentration of carbonic acid rises an inverse reaction takes place concerning the pH (which decreases). This reaction combined with the trapped in heat increases the toxicity of ammonia exponentially leading to stress; then disease, and lastly fatalities. I better stop here. I can go on, and on, and on...

Well, I guess this will be the last time you ask for some input. ;-)


Fine Custom Aquarium And Cabinetry - The LED Light Technology

Fine Custom Aquarium And Cabinetry

This is just one example of the expertise you can expect from Aquatic-Interiors Unlimited. You can rest assured that the job will be done right for the long term health of your aquarium.

Why don't you give Jeff & Pamela a call at 210.444.2782 for your fine custom aquarium and cabinetry.

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