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Fresh Water Aquariums: How to Select the Right Fish

Fresh Water Aquariums: How to Select the Right Fish.

Fresh water aquariums are the simplest tanks for beginners, so that they can slowly learn the art of raising fish. Deciding on the specific fish for the tank takes some research, and fish enthusiasts may want to consult with a custom aquarium contractor to make those final selections. Fish are wild animals at heart, so they must be chosen and matched with others in particular combinations.

Fresh Water Aquariums and Water Quality

An aquarium won't support life without proper water quality. When consumers consider the fish they want to raise, they should research the required water habitat. Some fresh water aquariums must be warmer than others for specific fish species, for instance. The water's nutrient levels and pH must be adjusted to values that encourage healthy fish lifespans as well. If the water quality is poor or fluctuates throughout the day, the fish may have short lifespans.

Fish Size

A specific fish that consumers love may be incredibly small when they're juveniles, but quickly grow into huge adults. Every fish must be comfortably sized for a given tank. A custom aquarium contractor must judge each installation and make an educated decision on possible fish choices. Huge tanks taking up an entire wall, for example, might house some of the medium to large fish species.

Territory Issues

Many fish species are territorial, and they will harm other fish in the tank to protect that area. Consumers should discuss their desired fish species with a tank designer to verify if any territorial issues are present in their background. Although those territorial fish might be attractive, adding them to an aquarium will only limit the habitat. Fish enthusiasts may only have one fish to enjoy instead of several species within the space.

Fish Relationships

Fish can also have personalities aside from being territorial. Research certain species to see if there are any shy or aggressive types that must be separated from each other. Ideally, consumers need a mixture of calm and shy fish, so that all of the species get along. Adding an aggressive fish into the tank with shy types will only stress these species.

If confusion abounds during a tank design project, speak to a custom aquarium contractor. These professionals can guide enthusiasts through all of the basic setup procedures. Each tank is unique to its inhabitants and design, so it's possible to create a spectacular fish display with the right elements.

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