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Freshwater Aquarium: Know your Environment, Fish, and Plants

Freshwater Aquarium: Know your Environment, Fish, and Plants

Although many people want to bring the ocean into their home with a saltwater aquarium, a freshwater aquarium is much easier to maintain. Whether an animal lover lives in New York or San Antonio, it's possible for them to create their own watery world with attention to fish species and water quality. Aquarium designs for residences allow people to observe and care for amazing fish while learning about life science every day.

Filtration and Water Quality

Every tank requires strong filtration. Add a system hanging on the side or an under-gravel model. Professional aquarium designs help people style the freshwater aquarium to make it look natural, but functional, simultaneously. Consider purchasing water testing equipment, such as pH meters. Water conditioners are necessary to ensure the health of the fish. Since fish add waste to the water, the quality changes nearly every hour based on the tank's population.

Freshwater Aquarium Plant Additions

Add synthetic plants to the tank for easier maintenance. Today's imitation plants are extremely high quality. However, real plants may contribute to the fish and water quality. Certain plants actually filter the water and provide critical oxygen. An aquarium professional can pick the right plants for the tank and fish species for the best water conditions.

Make Space

Regardless of the fish species and population, no tank should have too many accessories. Fish need space to swim and exchange oxygen with the water. Place plants to the sides of the aquarium while allowing some space for hiding in the middle, such as an artificial cave for skittish species. The accessories provide some stimulation for the fish along with reducing stress with strategic hiding areas.

Adding Fish and Observation

Even the best aquarium preparations may need some adjustments after adding the fish to the environment. Keep hands out of the aquarium to reduce stress on the fish. However, do place testing strips and probes into the water to observe its change in pH. The filter should keep the tank relatively stable, but owners must adjust the water's condition with specialized conditioners. Many people rely on professionals to keep the water healthy on a weekly basis.

The freshwater aquarium environment is easily overlooked as minute changes in pH affect the fishes' health. Professional aquarium designs allow owners to see and alter the environment as necessary to avoid a "belly-up" situation.

For more information about a freshwater aquarium and tips for aquarium designs, visit
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