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Professional Aquarium Maintenance Will Make Or Break The Life Of Your Tank

When purchasing an aquarium one must take into consideration aquarium maintenance. It is a major part of owning fish and something that frustrates many fish owners. Aquarium maintenance is important to keeping fish healthy and free of disease. Providing a proper environment for the fish to live in is very important. Fish require care on a daily basis just like cats and dogs do.

The first step in proper aquarium maintenance is keeping the water clean. Having a proper water filtration system is vital to keeping the water clean. Changing the water on a regular basis is also important. The frequency depends on several factors such as the type of filtration system in use, the size of the aquarium, as well as the type and number of fish in the aquarium. Some fish owners mistakenly change all the water in the aquarium which is not healthy for the fish. Only about 15% of the water should be changed out because the remaining water has important bacteria that are beneficial to the fish and vital to their survival.

Removing algae from the aquarium is another important task that should be done on a regular basis. Aquariums that get direct sunlight for all or even part of the day will have a much quicker buildup of algae than aquariums that do not get direct sun light. It is best for aquariums to be kept out of direct sunlight if possible. Whenever algae is visible it should be removed with an algae magnet or scraper.

The water temperature should be checked daily. Because the water temperature fluctuates throughout the day it is best to check the temperature at the same time of day to get consistent readings. Some prefer to check the water temperature once in the morning and once in the evening. One should ensure that the water temperature is roughly the same temperature each day. The water temperature can drop in the winter so a heater may be required to keep the temperature consistent.

An equipment check should be performed on a daily basis. Check to make sure the filter, lights and heater are all working properly. Also check the water to make sure it is not cloudy. Examine the fish each day. Watch them swim for a few minutes and look at their skin for signs of disease. Performing proper aquarium maintenance on a regular basis will ensure healthy and happy fish for many years.

If you don't have the time or patience for your aquarium maintenance then give us a call to discuss our very affordable programs that will take all the burden off your shoulders.

Your trusted San Antonio aquarium maintenance providers,

Aquatic Interiors Unlimited 210.444.2782

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