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The Basics of Owning a Saltwater Aquarium

The Basics of Owning a Saltwater Aquarium

Marine life enthusiasts all over the world dream of one day owning a saltwater aquarium, and caring for the beautiful, exotic sea life that can be contained therein. It is not easy, but with the right help, time, and resources, any dedicated fish lover can experience the dream of owning a saltwater custom fish tank. Here's a little guide to get you started, but remember: building a saltwater aquarium is a huge endeavor, and there is no such thing as too much research!

Find a Supplier

Before doing anything else, you'll need to shop around to figure out where you will want to buy your supplies from. It will pay huge dividends moving forward if you find a good store with knowledgeable people who can help you in designing your custom fish tank. Finding a good store may be worth driving somewhat further to find a place that meets all of your needs. For example, if you live in the San Antonio area, it might be worth the time to drive to Aquatic Interiors, which specializes in saltwater aquariums. By going to a specialist shop, you will easily recoup the cost of the drive in the form of better deals and expert advice.

Know Your Animals

Early on in the design stage, and certainly before purchasing any fish, you will want to know what the animals you plan on keeping require. You will then have to make adjustments to the size and shape of your custom fish tank as needed. In general, invertebrates and small fish are easy to plan for by simply ensuring you have space for rocks and amenities. Larger fish can be more problematic, and many varieties of tropical fish require special types of coral or sea anemones that they share symbiotic relationships with. Those of you who want to keep sharks, which are not recommended for the beginner saltwater aquarium owner, will want open spaces, sandy bottoms, and no sharp edges.

Plan Ahead for Filtration

The second largest concern will be how to filter your saltwater aquarium's water from nitrates, which build up in far larger quantities than fresh water systems due to the biology of salt water fish. Live rock or filter fish are popular, beautiful, and effective ways to filter nitrates, but will have to be replaced occasionally. However, chemicals can also filter the nitrates, but at a slightly higher price tag. Building your own custom fish tank is an experience like no other, and can provide hours of fulfillment. All you have to do is invest the time and find the right people to guide you.

For more information about owning a Saltwater Aquarium or Custom Fish Tank visit our other blog posts.
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