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The Expenses Involved In Owning a Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater Aquariums

If you own a saltwater aquarium, then you know the importance of using quality equipment and attention to detail. If you are thinking of owning a saltwater aquarium, then it's important to realize that the use of quality equipment is essential to successfully maintaining an aquarium.

Saltwater fish are generally more expensive than freshwater fish with prices for average fish at more than $40 each. More expensive fish can cost hundreds of dollars. Coral are also expensive and require specific pieces of equipment to keep them alive.

With the expenses involved in stocking your tank, the last thing you want is to purchase equipment at the cheapest rate possible. Quality equipment costs money, but quality equipment will last much longer and will keep your expensive fish alive.

You will need to purchase different types of equipment depending on the design of your tank. If you wish to have a fish only tank, then you will need equipment like a protein skimmer, low spectrum lighting and water heaters. If you want to own a saltwater aquarium with only coral, then you will need to purchase items like UV sterilizers, chillers, pumps for water flow and specialized UV lighting. A fish and coral combination tank will require a combination of some of these pieces of equipment.

A protein skimmer is one piece of equipment that is needed for both types of tanks. Protein skimmers will collect waste material through a process called skimming, where aeration is used to lift and collect waste material from the water. A good protein skimmer with the appropriate sized pump will cost an average of $300 depending on what size tank you have.

UV sterilizers are needed for killing protein, bacteria and other foreign material that is harmful to coral. A pump pushes water into the sterilizing chamber where a UV light will kill any unwanted material. An average price for a good UV sterilizer will cost around $100.

Lighting is essential in any tank. Although your lights are "on," it doesn't necessarily mean that it is putting out the UV rays needed to be effective. Good lighting will cost an average of $25 or more per "bulb" depending on the purpose it serves. Lights will need to be replaced every 6-12 months even though they may appear to be "working."

Protein skimmers, UV sterilizers and lighting are just a few of the necessary pieces of equipment needed for maintaining a saltwater aquarium. Keep in mind that these types of aquariums are expensive to maintain, but they are one of the most beautiful additions to your home or business.

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