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Tips To Making Aquarium Installation Easy In San Antonio

Aquarium Installation in San Antonio

Many people truly appreciate the beauty and wonder of an aquarium. Aquariums make a great center piece for any home or business. However, installing an aquarium requires the right equipment and expertise for the initial setup. If you are in the San Antonio area, you might want to consult an aquarium expert to install your small piece of ocean in a box.

Whether you have a salt water or fresh water fish tank, there are some important things to consider with aquarium installation.


The size of your fish tank matters. Your aquarium will need continuous cleaning and a water change every two or three weeks. The bigger your fish tank, the more time and money you will spend cleaning it. Bigger fish tanks will also require more fish to stock it, which means more money out of your pocket.


The location of your aquarium is also important, and the location may depend on the size of your tank. Smaller tanks (10-125 gallons) are usually free standing tanks. You can place them along an open wall or allow them to stand freely with 360 degree access. These tanks will be easier for accessibility and cleaning. Larger tanks (125 gallons and more) are most often set into a wall. These are harder to access and clean, and will probably require the services of a professional aquarium cleaner in San Antonio.

Fresh Water Aquarium Installation

Fresh water aquarium installation is less complicated to set up and takes less equipment. Generally, fresh water tanks are also less expensive to set up and maintain. Equipment needed for fresh water aquariums include filters, heaters, flow pumps and more. Some fresh water tanks have an overflow filtration, which requires a sump. Fresh water fish, substrates and other basic items are also less expensive.

Salt Water Aquariums

Aquarium installation for salt water tanks will require the most equipment, and it's the most expensive to set up. Salt water tanks need equipment like protein skimmers, UV sterilizers, specialized UV lighting for corals, RO units, flow pumps, filters, heaters, sumps and more. Salt, live rock and corals are also other expenses that need to be considered. Because of the expense and complex nature of the equipment, it might be a good idea to let an aquarium installation expert in the San Antonio area do it for you.

Although an aquarium can become a complicated and expensive endeavor, the rewards for owning such a wonderful piece pay off big dividends by beautifying your home or business.

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