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Top Five Tips For New Aquariums In San Antonio

Aquariums Are More Than Just For Show

Aquariums are more than just showpieces; they are miniature ecosystems teeming with life. An aquarium adds beauty and interest to any room, but the hobby is one that requires thought and design. Five core tips should be considered when planning any new aquarium.


Fish species differ greatly in their behavior, habits and temperament. Community fishes can live compatibly with many other types of fish, but species that are labeled as aggressive may torment or even kill their neighbors. Careful research of species-typical behavior will do much to prevent loss of life and money.

Interior design is another important factor. Some fish species prefer swimming freely near the tops of their aquariums, but others will exhibit signs of distress without ample places to live or hide near the aquarium floor. Tank furnishings and substrate should be chosen for both function and aesthetics.

Proper Filtration For Aquariums Is Very Important

When it comes to fish health, nothing is more important than adequate filtration. Aquarists should have familiarity with the nature of the species’ native habitat and should plan filtration accordingly. This is especially crucial for fishes native to fast-moving water systems, but no aquarium species will long survive without appropriately oxygenated water. Aquarium hobbyists should also stock the chemicals needed to make tap water in San Antonio safe for fish.

Materials and construction

Few things are more disastrous for floors, carpets or fish than a leaking tank. Tanks should be constructed with durable, reliable materials made to the specifics of the industry. Experts can recommend glass or acrylic walls and will know which materials are best suited for tank bottoms.


Aquariums run on electricity, so location is an obvious consideration. The aquarium should have proximity to outlets without overwhelming electricity usage on a wall or corner. Fish owners should also keep in mind that tanks located near windows may have more abundant algae growth than tanks kept away from natural light. A custom aquarium designer will have a discerning eye for suitable locations.

Professional consultation

Even the most experienced aquarists can benefit from the expertise of a professional. Aquarium designers can customize a new tank based on visual appeal and practicality, and the homeowner has the added peace of mind of knowing that the aquarium has been built safely with appropriate materials.


Populous cities like San Antonio have their advantages, and one of these is access to a variety of services. Locating an aquariums designer in San Antonio will ensure that professionals are accessible for maintenance, as upkeep is an essential factor in any aquarium hobby.

Give us a call at 210.444.2782 to discuss your Custom Aquariums Design and Cabinetry today or visit our website at
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