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Why a Saltwater Aquarium is the Secret Ingredient

Why a Saltwater Aquarium is the Secret Ingredient.

The ubiquitous goldfish in a spherical tank is one of the first experiences people have with fish. Kids and adults may also visit local aquariums to see larger scale collections as rare fish lazily swim by. Although fish enthusiasts may say a freshwater tank is the best choice for the home, a saltwater aquarium is actually a secret ingredient to better health and an involved household.

Calming Environment

Saltwater tanks must have constant water movement and filtering. With this in mind, the physical movement of the water creates a calming sensation for people. When people watch the fish for just a short while, their blood pressure drops. The entire cardiovascular system relaxes, allowing blood to efficiently move throughout the body. If anyone has circulatory issues at home, an interesting saltwater environment contributes to good health.

A Saltwater Aquarium Supports More Colorful Fish

According to Purdue University, research with displays of colorful fish suggests better eating habits in people with chronic ailments. A saltwater aquarium is known for its colorful fish. There are not as many freshwater fish that have such brilliant markings compared to ocean species. By adding more fish with varied colors, the tank appears to glow with constant hues moving in and out of shadows. The same effect isn't possible with freshwater species.

Encourages Responsibility

Saltwater environments need much more care than freshwater types, making this project perfect for elementary-age children. They can feed the fish and clean and monitor the tank environment as their main chore. Because the fish depend on the child to keep their home comfortable, children learn about responsibility. If they miss one scheduled feeding, for instance, the fish will respond negatively. Because the child has immediate feedback from the fish, they remember to keep the tank as the number one priority.

It's a Learning Environment

It's not just responsibility children learn, but also science. Specifically, children start basic chemistry as they try to keep the watery environment clean and healthy. For example, pH and salt content are critical to fish health. Offer tools, such as pH meters, to give the child control over their fish care. Children may care for the aquarium better than the parents.

Aquariums are fit for any household, from a huge home in San Antonio to an apartment in New York City. Find the perfect spot for a saltwater aquarium and stay true to its care. Fish live for years when treated properly.

For more information about a saltwater aquarium and good tips to use when maintaining aquariums, visit


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